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Binary Options Hedging Strategies

Binary Options Hedging Strategies

Binary TechAs simple structured finance instrument is recommended binary options to hedge profits and therefore the risk of loss significantly minimize. These are necessary for an accurate knowledge of the market, the safe handling of binary options and above all a good timing.

No secret: With hedge opposite positions
The basic principle of the various hedging strategies can be reduced to a simple formula: parallel to a current position, which may be of different types, you open an opposite binary option. If the main business record from the money, the profit from the hedging option snaps to the loss Understanding Hedging.

Of course, this only works if the one chosen correctly the dimensions of business and is waiting on the other the right time for opening the second option. The procedure should therefore be thought out in advance exactly which options are certainly varied and interesting.

Profit hedge – use options trading

Thus, for binary options intelligently to hedge forex or other commercial interests. Have you opened, for example a long position on the euro against the US dollar, with the Wi-gain, you can minimize with a put option on this currency pair an impending loss.

The terms of the forex transactions are variable, so you can achieve maximum success with a good timing. But not just any other transactions lend themselves to use binary options specifically for hedging. An example will be explained how to increase by simple means your chances of winning in options trading.

Insert Binary Options clever binre options-kurseSie open a call option on the DAX at a level of 9,800 points with a drain at the end of the week. The DAX continues to move upward and your option is sustainable in the money. Now the movement of the underlying assets are not linear, they fluctuate constantly. In addition, new economic data is due.

So you have to assume that the index is trading at 9,950 points Best Hedging Strategy, for example, on Friday, until the expiry date falls again. Therefore you open a short time before the expiry of a put option on the DAX, which has a short duration. In optimal case it is terminated as the call option at the same time.

Hedging – active risk management

Now how is the situation? If we assume a use of 100 euros and a profit margin of 85 percent:

Records of the DAX over 9.950 They have won 85 euros from the call option, but to write off 100 euros from the put option, your loss is so 15 euros.
the DAX moves 9800-9950 points, your profit is 170 euros, because both options win.
If the DAX at 9,800 Euro, wins the put option, losing the call option – you pay 15 euros more.

Although you have used 200 euros, the maximum loss the odds is therefore 15 euros, increase it significantly. namely to define a channel in which both options can win. Depending on the maturity of the put option and the limits of the channel, the risk of such a loss rate is very low.

Of course you can use this option even when you see time before the expiry of an option that these records out of the money onlinescam. An active management is the prerequisite for a clever hedging.